We are proud to mention that Destiny Primary School has done it again. We have managed to send our to students to the Allied Arts Competition at Prince Edward School.

Our first group of the Grade Fours managed to attain  second grades in the solo poetry competition held on Monday 2 July 2018


Educational Tour (Heroes Acre)

The Grade Ones in a bid to embrace the Updated Curriculum on the topic Family and Heritage went on an Educational tour to the National Heroes Acre. Facilitation was done and brief history as to when, who, why and how it was built as well as the Heroes and Heroines that are buried there. 

Destiny Primary School Parents are always supportive. A group photo with the teacher Mrs C. Ngorima and a parent Mrs Makamure


The Tomb of the unknown soldiers. The learners were highly delighted by the piece of art as well as the nation’s love in remembrance of those that fought and having name unknown.



Now we get to meet untie Peggy who gave an insightful history and background of the National Heroes Acre of Zimbabwe. She explained to us the names of those that were involved in the building of the shrine, the period that they took, why it was built and also the way it is maintained and secured. This helped the learners the most as they were so curious to know why people are buried there instead of kumusha and other cemeteries .

In the interest of the learner, we also looked at the Court of Arms with help of aunt Peggy who was well pleased with the responses she got from the learners who already had an insight on what it was and the meanings of the symbols.


We now go up the ladder as we reach towards the tower of liberty with aunt Peggy and the teachers

The tower of liberty. Up there you can get the view of the city in any angle.






A weekend nugget from the head

Mrs Mafekeni(Head)      Mrs Ngorima(TIC)        Mr Rusenga (Deputy Head)

A take home message for the weekend

Success is achieved through hard work. Success is not measured by having a lot of money or assets. It is about people around you in the family, organization , community or country. When one empowers, inspires and gives meaning to the lives of people around him or her, we say that he or she is successful.

Have  a blessed weekend


Destiny Primary School will be having the school’s concert on the 1st of December 2017 at Destiny Primary School. Parents and guardians are being advised to buy the tickets from the school.

Come and support our children as they participate and showcase their talents on this event.

Book yours now !!!!

Destiny Primary School The Firm Foundation

Training up a child

Proverbs 22:6 says,”Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”. Destiny Primary School provides a vibrant Christian learning environment which moulds the behaviour of a child. Our products are well disciplined and this differentiates us from all other institutions which are result based only.